What We Do

What we do is we help you facilitate your next adventure. We give you the tools and resources to go out there and have fun. Do you want to go to Nepal and learn to make barley moonshine on a 10 day hike though the Himalayas? Or how about brunch at a 5 star resort in Dubai followed by sky diving over the tallest building in the world (maybe not in that order)? Want to spend your holiday helping save a wildlife refuge in Paraguay? Want to make all your Facebook friends insanely jealous? Let's do it!!! 


All proceeds from your trip will go towards one of our three charity, Pura Vida Conservation, our annual volunteer trips and EyeAdventures, an affiliated group, that helps the seeing impaired go on adventures.  



Our Mission

To use our unique experiences in order to help others create their own. 

Booking a trip through Pangea Adventure may just be the single greatest thing I’ve ever done.
— Everyone, Ever